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The story of the Pavò Franciacorta winery is now more than ten years long, from buying the vineyards in 2010, to the first marketing of Pavò Franciacorta DOCGs in 2015 thanks to the skill and great experience of oenologist Cesare Ferrari, through to today.

But Pavò Franciacorta tells mostly a story of passion, of love for things good and beautiful, a story of an idea which in itself has something magical and unique, just like the origin of its name. Pavò in fact stems from a lucky encounter with a splendid male peacock strutting through the vineyard: its magnificent plumage and its regal appearance seemed the perfect symbol of this new winery’s commercial venture.

Pavò Franciacorta is situated in Provaglio d’Iseo in the north of Franciacorta, home of the best Italian sparkling wines, where vines have thrived since ancient times on the gentle slopes of these morainic hills.
The Pavò Franciacorta vineyards enjoy an excellent exposure to the south, south-west, in a zone far from traffic, a sort of protected naturalistic area, a morainic amphitheatre where the climate is blessed by its vicinity to Lake Iseo which donates very discernible notes to the flavour of the grapes.
Cultivated here are the famous Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes required by the discipline of the Franciacorta method and which are the base of Pavò wines, wines of the highest quality (ensured by the precision and scrupulosity with which all the processes are conducted), personality and fascination.

At the Pavò Franciacorta winery nothing is left to chance, and this is a credit.
Production is élite, concentrated on a small number of labels designed and produced to relay emotions; Franciacorta DOCGs lingering in the memory not only for their taste but for the elegance of their presentation.
Just like the splendid peacock so unexpectedly encountered between the rows of the vineyard, every Pavò Franciacorta bottle leaves an everlasting impression on those who share the experience.
Having at heart a direct contact with clients, for some time now the winery has been offering hospitality and tasting sessions.
This will soon include a bed and breakfast and a wine showroom, plus the opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the surrounding countryside by following wine & food trails, taking part in bike tours and much more besides.


Our values

Ten years of history. The history of an idea, that of Pavò, of unique flavour, the elegant and precious tones of the winery. Ten years of passion and loving care. Love for what is good and beautiful, for what only a terrain as rich as Franciacorta is able to offer its land and its grapes. This is where Pavò originates from the idea of Ettore Cristini, director of the winery and lover of good wine and best practice. Pavò products are in fact the fruit of experience and the purest Franciacorta wine-making tradition, they are wines of excellence and highest quality. Nothing is left to chance at the Pavò winery: here the story of how the classic method and innovation meet in the sophisticated sparkle of Pavò Franciacorta DOCGs.


Pavò Franciacorta

Where all things good merge with the beautiful, this is where the story of Pavò Franciacorta begins.
A rich wine, sophisticated and surprising,
very much like a peacock’s plumage.

Pavò Franciacorta di Cristini Ettore & C. S.A.S
25050 Provaglio d'Iseo (Bs)

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